2008 2.5L 205 HP

For sale is a well-known and beloved Mx-5 NC „FORMIATAWITLOVE”.

Over 6 years of use, a LOT has been done, most of which is listed, and I probably don’t remember many of the smaller things.

Among the main advantages of the car is the COMPLETE lack of rust (both chassis and body). NEW engine (yes, new) 2.5L currently with mileage of 20,000 and already after 4 oil changes (millers nt+ 5w40). Entire suspension brand new with polyurethane bushings (street ones, slightly harder than stock rubber but not as stiff as track ones).

Year 2008, theoretical mileage 218,000 km

Regarding the engine, it’s a standard swap from 2.0 to 2.5, managed to find a BRAND NEW piece with a tag 🙂 Engine installed properly, and immediately equipped with Esslinger stage 2 cams so the engine is nicely „sorted” from the start with new cams. Of course, no oil consumption, etc. Run-in properly. Oil changed every 5000 km. Typically high-revving character, meaning power kicks in from 4000 rpm. Outputs 205HP on a honest dyno.

And the look, which doesn’t want to be immodest, but I’ve heard dozens of times in person and on Instagram that it’s the most beautiful NC driving on not only Polish roads. The car really stands out. Every ride ends up at traffic lights with conversations with other drivers or pedestrians. At every meet or Japfest, it garners significant interest. Visually, it truly catches the eye!

Technically, the car is in perfect condition! Totally tight, sticks to the road exceptionally well even for an Mx-5. Everything works.

As for performance, the stock 2.0 lacks punch. Much more torque not to mention power, makes for a constant grin. The only downside is that you want to keep driving and driving 🙂 I’ve been looking for the right exhaust for a long time, and finally decided on ordering a rear muffler from GTPerformance. Those who follow Grzegorz Tyrkalski’s YouTube channel know he’s knowledgeable. Here’s confirmation. The exhaust purrs beautifully, doesn’t drone, and can sound beautiful when pushed.

Wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

Of course, it’s Ecutec software tuned. Apart from the tailored tuning for the setup, everything Ecutec provides like flatshift, exhaust pops. Start-up procedure. All in conjunction with changing maps on the steering wheel using cruise control buttons.

Recommendation: For people over 190cm tall! I’m 192cm tall and when looking for an Mx-5, I chose the NC because of its dimensions. It’s the largest of all Mx-5s. But what’s the use when even on stock seats my head stuck out beyond the outline of the windshield 🙂 Currently on Lotus Exige seats lowered to the ground, I must honestly say, I haven’t driven any other car so tailored to the driver. Position is almost like in a race car.

I’ll also mention what seems to be the best mod, the smaller steering wheel from Guardian Design. Smaller rim, biceps, beautiful stitching. Such a steering wheel should come as standard. When I sit in another NC with the original one, I feel a bit like in a bus (literally).

Oil cooler along with gauges, must have. (Also wondering why it’s not standard). Done properly here. On hot days, even in traffic, temp doesn’t exceed 100 degrees. The faster you drive, the lower the temp 🙂

Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB 2 din radio looks like stock. Steering wheel controls, of course, work. Plays way better than the factory Bose. Onboard DSP processor with crossovers combined with Morel Tempo 6 speakers and well-insulated doors, plays surprisingly well for a roadster. Of course, CarPlay and Android Auto onboard.

Pay attention to the rims. Original BBS from Evo IX (total rarity, recently someone offered me 6000 PLN for them) in very good condition in original paint (dark chrome). Most importantly, these are forged 8″ 17″ rims weighing 8kg each!

From the negatives:

The paint shines beautifully but has slight imperfections. 2-3 small stone dents, and slight scratches on the front bumper.

Things I have listed that have been done or replaced:

  • Eibach Pro Kit
  • full set of new Bilstein B6 shocks
  • RevLimiter gauges faces
  • dashcam
  • cruise control
  • 100 psi AGW catalytic converter
  • exhaust manifold by Five
  • Ecutec + tuning by Five
  • RX8 brakes swap, Rottinger discs, Stoptech sport pads (good old series)
  • Bosch battery
  • Reduced steering wheel plus biceps by Guardian Design
  • Lotus Exige seats
  • Pioneer radio with CarPlay and Android Auto (radio with processor, active crossover)
  • Morel Tempo speakers + door soundproofing
  • front Dynamic package lip
  • air conditioning service
  • oil cooler with thermostat
  • clutch release bearing
  • additional oil pressure and temp gauges
  • StrongFlex red polyurethane bushings in entire suspension.
  • new original control arm bolts
  • Forged BBS EVO rims + Michelin Pilotsport4 225/45/17
  • MazdaSpeed side skirts
  • rear diffuser
  • rear spoiler in body color
  • battery terminal replacement, new battery ground/Aku/buda
  • magnetic front license plate mounting
  • lightweight flywheel (6.3kg)
  • sport cams
  • tuning on 98 octane
  • water pump fan replacement
  • starter regeneration
  • OMP 4-point harnesses installation
  • Gyeon Moss Evo ceramic coating
  • alternator regeneration
  • new clutch + kevlar
  • new clutch pump
  • all new control arms
  • tie rod ends
  • GTPerformance exhaust
  • steering column joint
  • new front windshield

Why am I selling? 6 years of tinkering and blowing is a very long time for me. I’m leaving it on the market for a bit like in a waiting room. I’m not in a hurry to sell it. I’m looking for some new „project” but I don’t have anything in mind yet. Right now the Mazda is sitting in the garage and only drives 5000 km a year… that’s really little.

The price is high for an NC, but the amount of work and how the car drives and presents itself should compensate the future owner 🙂 If there’s no interest for half a year, the price will be reduced by 1000 euro.

price is 22.000 euro

location – Poznan / Poland

email: drive(at)

Of course, along with the car, the owner gets the domain for any arrangement, of course, as well as a actively operating Instagram profile. There you will find a large collection of photos and videos. The number of followers consists of active, reliable observers, not empty accounts.

The Mazda has been featured on global profiles of tuned cars several times.

Link to the Mazda topic on the forum.